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Updated: Mar 7

Why name my blog Viola's Voice? For many years I didn't feel like I had a voice. That all changed on Oct, 7th 2016. As I slid out of bed and my feet touched the floor, I knew that day was going to be different, that I was different. I had finally reached the end of my rope; that knot I had been holding onto for years had disappeared. For the first time in a long time, I felt hope rising within. I wanted what others had, a love that was kind, reciprocal, &, most of all, non-abusive.

Discovery, Strength and Courage.

Discovering just how much strength, courage, and the will to live you have is eye-opening. As the drama in my life decreased, and the fog lifted, as the blinders fell from my eyes, my desire to create bloomed. I had always enjoyed the Arts. I loved seeing how others created their art, be it visual or media. From planting flowers to painting them, it was like a breath of fresh, clean air had entered my spirit again.

The many changes in my life have had a way of making me feel so much more vulnerable than usual. At first, this troubled me. Then I learned to embrace the feeling and channel that energy into the creation of my art.

”Where broken pieces find a home”.....

is my tag line. As I have experienced brokenness in my own life, I have also discovered the beauty in taking broken pieces of glass, finding the beauty in them, then assembling them into original piece of art.

Many of my first pieces include broken pieces of glass, these were found or produced myself by breaking what I found at thrift shops or items from my glass collection. One-piece, in particular 'Enlightened,' has a china bowl from my mothers' dish collection that was perfect for this artwork.

Many of my artworks have bits and pieces of different kinds of mediums.

I continue to find ways to create what makes me feel alive and brings healing to my soul. It would be great if we could become online friends, and I would love to share more of my journey with you. Stay tuned.

I hope that my art will bring a smile to those who view it because I find great joy and purpose in creating it.

Thanks for stopping by; let's make some art!

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'Enlightened' 40x60x1.5 inch. Mixed Media on Canvas $3,200.00


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