‘Bountiful Blessings’

‘Bountiful Blessings’

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'Bountiful Blessings', 30” x 40” x 1.5”Mixed Media Acrylic on Canvas It wasn’t till I was completely finished that I named this piece. I knew I wanted to create a tree, but I had no way of knowing that it would turn out like it did. It laid half finished in my studio for months. It kept calling to me to be completed but honestly, I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go with it. I was quite sure it was going to be the worst piece of art that i had ever done. Btw, most artists feel this way about most of their works. Then one day it hit me. A tree is such a thing of beauty and strength....it's bountiful. That's it! As I started back to work on this piece I was full of energy and happiness as I worked till I was almost finished. I had to stop to allow some of the paint to dry. I was so excited to see how it turned out. It turned out to be truly be a Bountiful Blessing. Under-painting done in acrylics, followed with mixture of glass, medium, stones (geodes, agate slices), etc. and archival resin. Enjoy !Ready to hang12lbs


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