Kokopelli Flute Man

Kokopelli Flute Man

The name Kokopelli Flute Man was inspired by the figure at the bottom left corner of this piece.

Kokopelli is one of the most intriguing and widespread images surviving from ancient Anasazi Indian mythology and is a prominent figure in Hopi legends. The figure represents a mischievous trickster or the Minstrel, the spirit of music. Kokopelli is considered a symbol of fertility who brought well-being to the people, assuring success in hunting, planting and growing crops, and human conception.  

I have vacationed in Sedona, Az several times.  The Hopi Native American Indians are from that area.  There are images of Kokopelli everywhere, especially their jewelry.  So I couldn't help myself in purchasing a few pieces while there, that is where this Kokopelli came from. 
 Also, if you look closely at the cactus you will notice some red coral, turquoise, and leaf designs that are set in silver in the middle of the artwork.  This is a Navajo styled bracelet that came from my travels out west.  I stretched it out so it would fit better on this piece.  I really enjoyed this collection of art and hope you will too.

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